The Institute for Applied Economics and Social Value is collaborating with ThinkCSR and Ethical Business Exchange to undertake an audit of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the local region. The project is being led by Chris Shaw (Director of Ethical Business Exchange), Louise Obara and Edward Cartwright.

The broad aim of the project is to examine the status of CSR in businesses across Leicester and Leicestershire, with an initial focus on the Leicester Mercury Top 200 Companies. We are guided by the following research aims.

  1. To explore the level of CSR awareness and knowledge in Leicestershire companies as well as the drivers for CSR engagement.
  2. To ascertain the activities being undertaking which could be classified as CSR including the extent to which companies are engaging in the Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. To examine how businesses implement CSR and the approaches used to integrate CSR within their overarching planning activity.
  4. To explore the ways in which businesses measure the impact and outcomes of their CSR activities.
  5. To ascertain the type of support and guidance used and/or required by businesses as well as the challenges and barriers they face in respect of CSR.

An initial report of our findings will be published in the Spring 2020.