Dr Anoop Bhogal-Nair is co-investigator on a British Academy funded project that hopes to tackle discrimination against young women in India.


A key aim of project is to address young women’s self-identified issues affecting their well-being and in doing so address issues arising from the systemic nature of socio-cultural prejudices and arising inequalities, individual agency, and policy issues. Central to this is hearing, supporting and working with young women in building their self-confidence, belief, employment opportunities, and heightening their sense of belonging to a wider global sense of citizenship. 

​This project, therefore, looks to develop young Indian women’s agency and advocacy by empowering them to engage in wider Indian society through seeking and securing employment with the necessary life skills to thrive, and through this engagement, increase their social mobility – heightening their sense of global belonging. 

To achieve these aims, the project looks to co-create an employment and life skills training course to develop and empower young women in making employment and life decisions to address discrimination encounters, thereby creating a greater sense of inclusion in Indian society and a wider sense of global citizenship. This training course will be supported by a social marketing campaign encouraging participation and wider societal change in attitudes and behaviours towards young women and their employment.

For more information about the project see the project website.