We are looking for up to 10 students to join our economic data analysis scheme. Under the scheme students will receive a package of training and mentoring, and become a ‘community reporter’ for the IAESV East Midlands Economic Data Repository. Reporters will have the opportunity to produce content for the Data Repository looking at different aspects of the Leicester and East Midlands economy, such as housing, poverty, sustainability, wages, productivity and business support.

We will provide training in:

  • Data collection, including surveys and government data.
  • Data interpretation, including statistics and reporting tools.
  • Media production, including podcasts, blogposts, and articles.

Reporters will have the opportunity to specialise and produce content in areas of interest to themselves. Training and support will be provided by academics at DMU, led by Dr Tuan Luong and Professor Edward Cartwright. We will also partner with Dr Rob Watson and Leicester Stories for community media production.

Leicester Stories Podcast – Reece Stafferton and the Leicester Citizen

While flexibility will be given to accommodate studies we expect reporters to dedicate around 4 hours per week during term time to the role over the course of the 2021/2022 academic year.

The benefits of joining the scheme include:

  • The opportunity to receive bespoke training and develop marketable skills.
  • The chance to produce exciting content that can inform policy makers, businesses and residents about the Leicester economy.
  • Joining an active group of students interested in reporting about the local economy.
  • Certification of completion at the end of the scheme.

All DMU students are eligible to apply for the scheme. To apply please send a letter of application to iaesv@dmu.ac.uk by Friday 8th October. In the application we would like you to outline in 1000 words or less: why you are interested in the scheme (500 words) and one issue in the Leicester economy you would be keen to explore (500 words). For more information please contact edward.cartwright@dmu.ac.uk.