We are hosting a session at the Leicester Business Festival on the 12th November 2021 from 10 am-12 midday. We are using a Hybrid model where you can attend in person or join virtually. To book a place please go to the Festival page.

In this interactive session we will explore the potential for economic data to inform decision making both within businesses and at a regional policy level. We will look at the wealth of economic data that is openly and freely available and ways that this can be effectively analysed. We will also look at the exciting potential of an open data approach in which organisations share data to improve collective intelligence.

In the session we will formally launch and showcase the Institute for Applied Economics and Social Values’ East Midlands Economic Data Repository. There will also be an opportunity to learn about the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce Regional Business Intelligence Unit, the East Midlands top 500, and De Montfort University’s research cluster around Innovative Logistics and Supply Chains.


10:00-10:10. Introductions and Welcome.

10:10-10:25. Launching EMEDR and a snapshot of results from our survey of homeworking in the Midlands. Professor Edward Cartwright and Dr Tuan Luong.

10:25-10:35. Introducing the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce Regional Business Intelligence Unit. Harsh Shah.

10:35-10:45. Data that informs the East Midlands Top 500. Dr Rachel English.

10:45-10:55. Introducing the Innovative Logistics and Supply Chains research cluster. Professor Adel Hatamimarbini.

10:55-11:05. Break.

11:05-11:25. Discussion 1: What are the most important issues in the local economy that we can inform with data? Led by Chris Hobson.

11:25-11:45. Discussion 2: How can we improve, enable and benefit from increased data sharing in the East Midlands? Led by Professor David Rae.

12:00. Close.