This online workshop will bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners interested in how trading networks in rural farming communities can be made more resilient to shocks and climate change. It is part of a British Academy Funded Project with partners from the Centre for Agricultural Research & Ecological Studies (Vietnam National University of Agriculture) and the University of Warwick.


Day 1: Monday 28th February 9-11am UK time – Measuring Resilience in Rural Trading Networks

9-10: Presentations including:

Marcin Waniek (New York University Abu Dhabi), ‘Network resilience to random failure and strategic attack’.

Quang Nguyen (Duy Tan University), ‘On the measure of resilience for complex networks’.

10-11: Open discussion on how to evaluate trading networks and measure resilience.

Day 2: Tuesday 1st March 9-11am UK time – Policy to Improve the Resilience of Trading Networks

9-10: Presentations including:

Thanh Ngo (Vietnam National University of Agriculture), ‘Trading networks of vegetable in rural Vietnam: local collectors and co-operatives’.

Dr Hien Vo and Dr Huong Dinh (Vietnamese German University), ‘The relationship between farmers and middlemen in  Vietnam’.

10-11: Open discussion on the implementation of interventions to change trading networks and improve resilience.


The workshop will take place online using Teams. Anyone interested in attending the workshop should email NhuY Nguyen for the meeting link. The workshop is free and participants can attend one or both days. The workshop is organised by Dr Tuan Luong, NhuY Nguyen (City University) and Professor Edward Cartwright.