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Here you can find more information about recent research publications by members of the Institute.

Framing effects in public good games: Choices or externalities?

A paper by Edward Cartwright and Abhijit Ramalingam, recently published in Economics Letters, provides new experimental evidence on framing effects in public good games. The trade-offs from an individual contributing to a group task can be framed in different ways…. Continue Reading →

Working Conditions in the Apparel Industry of Bangladesh: Role of the Major Stakeholders

I am currently working on the following paper which covers an important and interesting issue in the context of Bangladesh. The apparel industry is the most important contributors for the economy of Bangladesh in terms of export revenue, employment generation… Continue Reading →

Does Corporate Research and Development Investment Affect Firm Environmental Performance?

A new paper, recently published in Energy Economics, by Md. Samsul Alam (with his colleagues) provides novel insights on the relationship between corporate R&D and firm environmental performance Business enterprises play a significant role in increased carbon emissions due to… Continue Reading →

Big Data Research

Big Data analytics have been rapidly developing in numerous subjects over the past decades. It is inevitable that Big Data has become a phenomenon that significantly influences every aspect of the nowadays digital economy. As one of the research interests of… Continue Reading →

Framing effects in threshold public good games

A new paper, recently published in the Journal of Public Economic Theory,  by Edward Cartwright, Anna Stepanova and Lian Xue, provides new insight on framing effects and pro-social behaviour. To explain the issues involved consider a group of five people…. Continue Reading →

Guilt aversion and reciprocity in the performance-enhancing drug game

A recent paper by Edward Cartwright, published in the Journal of Sports Economics, looks at the extent to which social norms can reduce or eliminate doping in professional sport. It does so by applying models of guilt aversion and reciprocity from psychological game theory…. Continue Reading →

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