Members of IAESV have been active in work studying the economic and social impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Here we pick out some of our contributions. This page will be updated as new contributions emerge.

Particularly noteworthy is a large scale project we have run with the Center for Urban Research on Austerity and Local Governance Research Centre. In this project we are performing a series of large and small surveys to track the impact of the pandemic, as well as to explore evolving attitudes and beliefs around the policy response and the future direction the UK should take. Data sets from the surveys will be made available on the projects Figshare page.

IAESV is also contributing to the DMU Community Solutions Programme. In response to the pandemic DMU was tasked with investigating how Leicester and Leicestershire can ‘Build Back Better’. More than 70 researchers, 60 community groups, representatives from 40 businesses, senior council and local authority officials and a public consultation via the media have discussed six key areas of recovery: Economy, Environment,
Infrastructure, Health and Humanitarian, Community and Future City. Collectively the consultations resulted in five key recommendations with suggested interventions per theme. We are now working with Leicester City Council (LCC) and the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to drive positive change.

Contributions for general audience

Paying people to self-isolate saves lives and money, The Conversation, November 3rd 2020.

CPD isn’t just good business sense, its crucial to staff wellbeing, JISC, October 19th, 2020.

After the “Age of Austerity”: From COVID-19 to a New “Social Contract”? CURA blog, October 7th 2020.

Why Devolution Resonates with the Public, The MJ, September 30th 2020.

Leicester economist: our city was vulnerable to a coronavirus outbreak, The Conversation, June 30th 2020.

We asked people if they were breaking lockdown rules before and after the Dominic Cummings scandal – here’s what they told us, The Conversation, June 3rd 2020.

Coronavirus does not look like a ‘black swan’ event – here are some reasons to be cautiously optimistic, January 25th 2020.

Research articles

Covid-19 lockdown and labour uncertainty, T. Luong & M-H. Nguyen, Toulouse Capitol Publications.

Medical Occupation Preference under the Influence of the COVID-19 Epidemic, E. Cartwright, L. Xue & L. Wei, SSRN3718612.

Coronavirus and a shift in attitudes on financial independence, E. Cartwright & J. Rose, Revise and resubmit.

Trait Mindfulness and the Impact of Coronavirus Lockdown on Wellbeing, E. Cartwright, J. Rose & N. Stanulewicz, under review.

Briefing Note: Lockdown Compliance in the UK, E. Cartwright and J. Rose.

Globalization and infectious diseases: Evidence on the reproduction rate of the COVID-19 pandemic, T. Luong & T. H. Nguyen, Economics Bulletin, Vol 40, Issue 2.

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic for Leicester, E. Cartwright, T. Luong, J. Payne & S. Virmani, SSRN3622981.

Media coverage

Should you fear tax rises as the Covid bill soars, Independent 17th November.

We need to provide appropriate incentives so people self-isolate, Sputnik Radio.

What does the coronavirus crisis mean for employment, Huff Post 3rd August.

‘Dad’s a dictator, anything goes with Mum’: how masks and distancing rules are dividing Britain, Guardian 28th July.