Edward Cartwright, Institute Director and Professor of Economics. Main research interests in behavioural economics, game theory, public economics.

Zheng Wang, Deputy Director, Institute Head of Research Students and Reader in Economics. International trade, development economics, political economy.

Tom Allen, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Political economy, international trade, social media.

Thanos Athanasopoulos, VC2020 Lecturer in Economics. Industrial economics, Research and development, economics of information.

Camilo Calderon-Morales, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Capital markets, macroeconomics and real estate.

Nurdilek Dalziel, Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Financial services and marketing.

Regina Frank, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Social innovation and entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation, education for sustainable development

Jen-Hsien Hsu, Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Decision-making, priming, ethical consumption, sensory marketing.

Xu Huang, VC2020 Lecturer in Economics. Econometrics, applied statistics, nonlinear system analysis.

Eghosa Igudia, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Informal economy, development economics.

Tuan Luong, VC2020 Lecturer in Economics. Globalization and innovation, international economics, industrial economics.

Ruben Martinez Cardenas‎, VC2020 Lecturer in Economics. Microeconomic theory, game theory, development economics.

Oluwasoye Mafimisebi, VC2020 Lecturer in Strategic Management. Risk management and resilience, development economics, strategy implementation processes.

Denys Nizalov, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Agricultural economics, policy impact assessment.

Godwin Okafor, Senior Lecturer in Economics. International economics, development economics, global economic challenges.

Ali Orazgani, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Macroeconomics, monetary policy and asset prices.

Mark Ojeme, Senior Lecturer in Marketing. International marketing, digital marketing of SMEs and relationship marketing covering cross-cultural marketing, customers complaint, value, engagement, trust and repairing of broken trust, loyalty, and relationship with machines/artificial intelligence

Nichola Phillips, Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Digital and transitional identities and the form and function of online consumption narratives.

Esh Trushin, Senior Lecturer in Economics. Industrial economics, economics of innovation, corporate governance and finance.

Swati Virmani, Lecturer in Economics. FDI and technology transfers, international business, entrepreneurship.

Wangari Wang’ombe Leonce, Lecturer in Economics. Macroeconomics, international trade, development economics.

Kassa Woldesenbet, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Centre for Enterprise and Innovation. Small business, entrepreneurship, strategic management.