The Institute and the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics offers a research rich environment in which to study for a PhD. We would encourage potential applicants to look at the research interests of institute members, and the posts on this site, to learn more about the research we do. For more information applicants can contact Dr Zheng Wang.

We introduce some of our current PhD students:

Georgios Kitsoleris: My research has as objective to investigate social mobility in Greece. In particular, we will employ the income distribution in Greece to measure income mobility and other dimensions of social mobility (occupational and educational mobility) to answer the question of whether the financial crisis in 2008 had a significant impact. We also explore the determinants of income/social mobility mainly focus on the impact of education on social mobility. Trying to prove the causal effect of education in social mobility as a mechanism that boosts it or be a barrier. 

Samuel Odewunmi: My research areas are in development economics. Specifically, I use value-gap from trade misreporting as an alternative measure of corruption and examine its effect on economic growth in Africa as most empirical researches in these areas is predicated on subjective index-based measures of corruption. Presently, I am investigating the effectiveness of electronic procurement as an anti-corruption tool in Africa.  My further research interests are political economy, agricultural economics, culture, and institutions.

Anowara Akter Eti: I always wanted to pursue a PhD to gain more insight into the educational practices within digital marketing. So after having worked for a number of years in the digital marketing sector, and having several published ads and blogs, I am pleased to say that I am now doing my PhD and thoroughly enjoying it. My research study investigates digital music consumption and through my research study I hope to break down some of the barriers and obstacles that are faced by musicians, artists and those working behind the scenes within the music industry. I wanted to develop more of knowledge and improve my research skills, as well as have the opportunity to learn from academics and professionals in the field of digital music consumption. I would love to stay within academia and become a lecturer, and to help encourage the next generation of students. I would also like to continue research into digital consumption of music.

Maen Salhab: I am currently a PhD candidate in marketing at De Montfort University. I hold an MSc in Human Resources Management from University of South Wales and am a full time lecturer in Marketing at Fahad Bin Sultan University in Saudi Arabia. Before starting my academic career, I worked for the same institution as a Strategic planning Assistant. However I decided to follow the route of academia. My research interests relate to branding, consumer behavior, and marketing communications. My PhD focuses on “Understanding consumer’s perceptions of SME brands within the coffee industry in Jordan and specifically looks at what it takes to build a strong brand image?” within a specific cultural context.

Sida Dong: My PhD focuses on looking at influencer marketing in the context of China. I wish to contribute to the field of influencer marketing, by examining the effects of online internet celebrity generated content on consumer purchasing intention. 

Rayane Bouzidi: My PhD falls within the area of consumer identity and green consumption. My research study examines the impact of ecotourism on the identity construction of tourists who are experiencing ecotourism within a cultural context that is different from theirs.

Bernard Frimpong Bannor: I am in the first year of my PhD. My research interest falls in the areas of entrepreneurial marketing networks. I am particularly interested in network churns, both structural and relational dimensions, and their implications on entrepreneurial marketing behaviour and outcomes.

Nhan Le: My main research interests are in international economics and public policy. Much of my research analyses the impacts of public policies on international trade and investment. My current PhD project aims to explore the measures, causes and consequences of trade policy uncertainty in small open economies. I have published papers in the Singapore Economic Review, Journal of Economics and Development, Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies and Banking Technology Review.