The Institute hosts regular research seminars, organized by Dr Zheng Wang. They are usually every Wednesday 1-2pm in the Hugh Aston Building. Here are the confirmed sessions for 2021/2022:

15th September 12-1pm, sandpit session on Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship in the UK Film and Drama Industries, with Funmi Adewole (DMU lecturer in dance) and Hui Man Chan (DMU lecturer in creative and cultural industries.

15th September 1-2pm, Jessica Bayliss (DMU Impact Officer) on Impact in Economics. 

22th September 1-2pm, Samuel Odewunmi (DMU) on Corruption and Economic Growth in Africa.

29th September 1-2pm, Alessio Faccia (DMU Dubai). The potential impact of quantum computing and blockchain on the economy.

13th October, Esh Trushin (DMU), When quality does matter: New Levy processes compound real option approach to management of multistage pharmaceutical R&D.

20th October, Patrick Gaule (Bristol), Knowledge production and innovation, exact topic TBC.

27th October, Zovanga Kone (University of Leicester). “Do open borders lead to different types of migrants?”

24th November, Esh Trushin (DMU), Did pharmaceutical cost-containment reforms damaged R&D efforts?

1st December, Chris Wilson, (Loughborough University), exact topic TBC.

8th December, Robert Elliott, (University of Birmingham), exact topic TBC.

16th February, Matthew Elliott (Cambridge University), Network economics, exact topic TBC.

Schedule for 2019/2020 academic year.

9th October, Kyung in Hwang (University of Kent), ‘Understanding Incomplete Tariff Pass-Through: Role of Retail Market Power’.

16th October, Godwin Okafor (DMU), ‘Do terrorist attacks deter business travellers’.

13th November, Antonio Navas (University of Sheffield), ‘Moving ideas across borders: Migrants, patents and FDI’.

20th November, Cecilia Chen (University of Exeter), ‘When do men shy away from competition? An experiment on unethical conduct and competitive (dis)advantage’.

4th December, Nick Powdthavee (University of Warwick), ‘Catfish in the golden ball: How misrepresentation escalates to misbehaviour’.

11th December, Samsul Alam (DMU) ‘Do all institutional investors promote abatement of carbon emissions’.

15th January, Roman Ferrer (University of Valencia) ‘Oil price shocks and financial markets’.

29th January, Neelu Seetaram (University of Huddersfield) ‘Analysis of tourism expenditure of British travellers’.

11th March, Mehtap Hisarciklilar (Coventry University) ‘Public Works Programme and the Female Labour Supply in Rwanda’.

18th March, Matthew Elliott (Cambridge University).

25th March, Kaustav Das (University of Leicester).

29th April, Daniel Sgroi (University of Warwick).

6th May, Rob Elliott, (University of Birmingham).

13th May, Chris Wilson, (Loughborough University).

20th May, Zhihong Yu, (University of Nottingham).